DJ Wonder Sean

Song Themes 

These are some of the song themes I have created for people to sing!

Christmas tunes, snow music, and other holiday delights await you in DJ Wonder Sean's Holiday Songs list!

DJ Wonder Sean's new songs, December 2017.

63 songs that came out on the radio this year, and haven't been featured in a DJWS list before!

Theme night:  12/6/17 @ Metro Alehouse

DJ Wonder Sean's new songs for November, 2017.

146 brand-new songs that have never been on a DJWS list before!

Kissing Songs

Songs that will get you in the mood for kissing - more than 150 songs about kissing that I have on karaoke - sing one tonight!

Theme night:  11/29/17 @ Metro Alehouse

Hits of the 1970s - the top 15 songs of each year, from 1970 to 1979!

Hits of the 1980s - party like it's 1982!  (That's an inside joke, did you get it?)  The top 15 songs from each year of the 80s guaranteed in my karaoke library to get you singing and your audience dancing!

R&B, Funk, Metal, Hip Hop, and Grunge were all the rage - here's 150 songs (15 from each year of the 90s) to get you belting out your songs!

228 songs from artists who passed away in 2016, including Prince, Leon Russell, Merle Haggard, Juan Gabriel, David Bowie, and more.

Songs about school, or songs from iconic school movies like Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Back to School, Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Mean Girls, Class Reunion, Porky's, Weird Science, all the High school Musical movies, and more!

Ever heard those bands with two names?  Yeah!  Yeah Yeahs!  Or Duran Duran?  Tony! Toni! Tone! counts, too!  How about the Goo Goo Dolls?  Mr. Mister!  Talk Talk ... Go Go's, Hot Hot Heat, and many more await you inside!

Songs with Days of the Week in the Title

What's your favorite day of the week?  Come sing about it at a DJ Wonder Sean gig!  And here's a list of songs that you'll know I have on karaoke, just for you!

Yes, a list of Fitness Songs - coming soon.  Can you SUGGEST some songs about fitness?

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