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My Journey to Fitness, Month 2

Month 1 Of Becoming Fit

Read about the first month of my journey to fitness in My Journey to Fitness, Month 1

Month 2 of Becoming Fit

In the second month of our fitness journey, I increased the amount of tools available for our workouts.

First was a combo pull-up, dip, leg extension, push-up machine.

It turns out I couldn't do a single pull-up. I couldn't even move my head more than one inch towards the bars. I could only get half of a chinl-up.

I had to push myself up with my feet, then lower myself slowly to begin to increase the muscles involved in the pull-up.

How frustrating, because we had just spent an entire month working out to improve our strength, and I felt like if I was ever hanging from a cliff, I should just save everyone the trouble and let go - no sense having them reach down to grab my hand, I can't possibly reach up to get theirs...

Next was Battle Ropes and a Kick Boxing bag.

I realized that I needed to improve my forearm strength if I wanted to do a pull-up; it was the weakest muscle and the biggest obstacle to me completing one, and the battle ropes certainly helped with that.

The kick boxing bag is great for footwork and cardio, and definitely gets the heart rate up and the sweat rolling.

Over a couple weeks using these, I was able to get to 50% of a pull-up and complete a chin-up. My body fat% and body muscle% were still changing, but I wanted to increase the pace.

I remembered that 5 years ago, I had borrowed a friend's P90X and used it for 5 months, and I felt completely fit. So I looked around to see if anyone had one I could borrow again. Everyone who had it didn't actually look for it, so I figured I'd get my own.

That's when I discovered P90X3 which, although 3 years old by now, was a newer program that promised to be more intense. Plus, it would only take 30 minutes?

So I picked it up and we started doing some of the routines. We realized that we are not fit enough to begin an official Block (where you do the DVDs in a certain sequence to achieve certain results).

We found certain routines better for cardio and others for strength building, and used whichever one we felt we could get through on a particular day. Improvements to the body really began to show up when we started doing these routines.

Weight: 184.8 (down 2.8 from start)

Fat%: 25.4 (down 2.5)

Muscle%: 34.6 (up 1.4)

Body Age: 55 (down 2)

Visceral Fat: 11

Month 3 of Becoming Fit

The article with my 3rd month of becoming fit will be published soon!

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