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How to Build Muscle

How to Build Muscle

Now that we've talked about why building muscle mass is important, let's talk about how to build it.

Build All Your Muscles

I recommend that you find a set of exercises which comfortably build your muscle mass all over your body. Sure, guys, you can go to the gym and use machines, or cable machines, or free weights and target build your biceps and chest, but that's not a well-rounded, healthy physique. It can look great in a tank top or at the beach, but all of your muscle mass in a small percentage of your muscles doesn't give you stability, athleticism, grace, or health. Plus, when you find your healthy body muscle%, you'll find it difficult to reach that muscle weight with just a few muscles.

Achieving Muscle Parity will help you achieve better results in sports, fitness activities, and all of your day-to-day activities.

Lean vs. Bulky Muscle

Genetics play the biggest role in how you look with a particular percentage of body fat and body muscle, but where and how you build your muscle can have some effect.

As discussed above, you should build all of your muscles equally to reach muscle parity, but do you want larger, bulkier muscles, more wiry muscles, or well-defined muscles?

If you want large, bulky muscles, do 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps of the maximum amount of weight that you can do per set, for each muscle you are trying to build.

For wiry, strong muscles, do 5-7 sets of 18-25 reps of the maximum weight that you can do per set, for each muscle that you are trying to build.

For well-defined muscles, as Tony Horton's student in X3 Ab Ripper has in this picture, work all of your muscles with different types of exercises several days a week.

Working all of your muscles as opposed to targeting your muscles allows you to develop the beautiful compromise between wiry strength and bulky mass; a well defined, athletic build.

And the beautiful thing about strength building is that you can fine tune your results to somewhere between athletic and bulky, or athletic and wiry, by adjusting the types and quantity of workouts that you do. Need more mass? Step up the weight a little bit for a few weeks and watch the bulk come on. Need more endurance? Reduce the weight and increase the reps.

With practice, you can even learn to shape the muscles, or decide at what stage of contraction that you need more strength - there are types of Isometrics which will allow you to focus on a particular part of your muscle!

Change YOUR Body Composition

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