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Getting Here:

It's east of Pasadena, which is east of Los Angeles.  Strangely enough, Covina is north of West Covina...!

Our Address:

I'm in Covina, CA


About Sean Arenas

I'm a guy in Covina, CA.

I'm in to Fitness, Concerts, Karaoke, Gaming, Geek and Nerdy stuff, and Oxford Commas

What I Do

See my lists of song themes, where you can see me at my gigs, and how to book me

Gaming and Geek Stuff

Board Games, Sci Fi and Fantasy, Superheroes!

Board games, card games, computer games, science fiction & fantasy, superheroes, electronics & gadgets, charts & graphs - yeah, I'm a total geek

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I've made several journeys to health and fitness in my life.  I have now learned exactly what you need to do to get fit.

I've been to so many concerts, it would be difficult to list them all.

I've spent a lot of time in the photo pits as a professional concert photographer.

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Sean Arenas